This page has a bunch of links to projects which I have done, they may be other pages on this site, or links to other sites if they are open source/collaborative. Hopefully they provide some guidance to people who are looking to do similar things, or just figure what I spend all my time doing.

Physical Objects

  • My new desk (wood/carpentry)
  • CMoy Headphone amp – Built an amp with friend based on the popular CMoy design, we added our own power supply circuit, and put it in the traditional altoids can.
  • ATH-AD900 In orange – How to take apart an ATH-AD900 and paint it.

Programming/CS projects

  • VATTool – A Vulnerability analysis tool created by a classmate and I for an Object Oriented Programming Course (Java)
  • Swim Meet Organizer – A simple script that organizes a swim meet, with lane assignments, etc. and creates a printable web page as output.
  • Turing Simulator – A general multi-tape turing simulator written in java. It doesn’t have beautiful diagrams, but it is easily modifiable!
  • Codebook – A collection of algorithm implementations for programming competitions
  • AOSDalvik – A modified version of Android’s Dalvik VM, built to answer the question of whether or not it is worth it to stop a mark & sweep garbage collection as soon as possible (rather than completing the entire sweep). A prezi for the project is available here

Warcraft III related

  • VIPWatch – This is a plugin for a chat bot and web script that pulls usernames from an xml file, checks if they are playing Warcraft III, and then displays it nicely in a webpage.
  • PyMySQLBackup – A more practical than interesting backup script I wrote for mysql and 7-zip
  • PyGHost++ – This is a version of the ghost++ tool which allows you to manage/host games without a wc3 client. I added a system to load and manage plugins which  could control most aspects of the hosting tool.
  • Bancraft – An open source banlist program written in java for Warcraft III. It sniffs network traffic to determine who is in your games, but has now become superfluous. Besides from the programming, I also wrote the entire online/wiki documentation.
  • PyBlnl – A python library for working with, designed to be part of the GHost++ project

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